ProLong™ Glass Antifade Mountant 抗淬灭封片剂-赛默飞世尔科技Thermofisher

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    • 保存条件:

      Store at 2–8°C. For long-term storage, store at -5 to -30°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

    • 供应商:

      Thermo Fisher

    • 保质期:

      18 months

    • 英文名:

      ProLong™ Glass Antifade Mountant

    • 规格:

      2 mL


    Invitrogen™ ProLong™ Glass抗淬灭封片剂是一款即用型固化封片剂,可直接用于显微镜玻片或盖玻片上的荧光标记的细胞或组织样本。

    • 图片更明亮,可提供更好的初始信号,提高分辨率;
    • 图片更清晰,可显著增加聚焦深度,能拍摄0~150μm样本厚度/聚焦深度(高于普通封片剂3~4倍),提高信噪比;
    • 样本保存更长久,抑制光漂白,保护荧光标记的靶点信号,可保存数月;
    • 折射率(RI)约为1.52,与盖玻片、浸镜油和油镜类似;
    • 即用型包装,操作简单滴加在样本上即可;

    最符合您实验需要的Invitrogen™ 抗淬灭封片剂产品选择指南:

    特性 ProLong Glass ProLong Diamond ProLong Gold SlowFade Diamond SlowFade Gold
    硬质或软质 硬质固化 软质,非固化
    折射率 固化后1.52 (与冕玻璃相同) 固化后约1.47 固化后约1.47 ~1.42 ~1.42
    Z-Stack、3D重建和去卷积 适用 不推荐
    推荐的物镜类型 油镜可获得最佳结果;也兼容其他类型物镜 甘油校正的物镜可获得最佳结果;也可兼容其他类型物镜
    样本(细胞或组织)厚度 0–150 μm 0–10 μm厚度可提供最佳结果在优化条件下的成像厚度可达30 μm
    有机染料光漂白抑制* +++ +++ ++ +++ +++
    荧光蛋白光漂白抑制* +++ +++ 不推荐 +++ 不推荐
    封片后的载玻片保存 长期 (数周至数月) 短期 (数日至数周)
    货号 不含核染料 5x2ml P36980 P36961 P36934 S36963 S36937
    10ml P36984 P36970 P36930 S36972 S36936
    2ml P36982 P36965 P10144 S36967 S36940
    含核染料 5x2ml P36981 P36962 P36935 S36964 S36939
    10ml P36985 P36971 P36931 S36973 S36938
    2ml P36983 P36966 P36941 S36968 S36942

    ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant is a glycerol-based, hard-setting, ready-to-use mountant that can be applied directly to fluorescently labeled cells or tissue samples on microscope slides or coverslips. Prolong Glass mountant has a refractive index of 1.52 after curing, similar to that of glass coverslips, compatible immersion oil, and oil-immersion microscope optics, enabling superior resolution and sensitivity. ProLong Glass mountant is also designed to provide unparalleled photobleach protection across the visible and near infra-red spectra. You can use ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant with almost any fluorescent dye or fluorescent protein (e.g., GFP, RFP, mCherry) and with any cell/tissue type for image depths ranging from 0 to 100 µm for bright, high-resolution Z-Stack, 3D, and 2D images.

    With its high refractive index of 1.52 and superior antifade formulation, ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant delivers the following benefits:
    • Up to 75% improvement in axial resolution for sharp images
    • 3–4 times more imageable focal depth compared to mountants with refractive index of 1.47, with sharp images for monolayers of cells, tissue slices, or 3D cell cultures up to 150 μm thickness/focal depth
    • Low background across the spectrum
    • Preserved signals from inhibited photobleaching
    • Weeks to months of stability for slide-mounted samples
    • Ease of use
    • Availability with or without DAPI

    Learn more about ProLong Antifade mountants >

    ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant comes already mixed and ready to use in a dropper bottle or 10-mL bottle with or without NucBlue (Hoechst 33342) stain, a cell-permeant nuclear counterstain that emits blue fluorescence when bound to DNA. After removing excess water, just apply a drop of mountant to the sample, add a coverslip, cure, and image. ProLong Glass mountant is a hard-setting, curing mountant that minimizes optical refraction and spherical aberration in the optical path, enables longer-term storage of your samples, and helps protect your samples from photobleaching. ProLong Glass mountant does not discolor or shrink when cured, making it possible to take high-quality fluorescent images weeks, or even months, after mounting the slides.

    ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant with NucBlue stain contains an optimized concentration of Hoechst 33342 stain, which provides superior nuclear labeling of most cells and tissues. ProLong Glass mountant with NucBlue stain is not recommended for specimens thicker than 30 µm. Thicker specimens can require longer incubations with labeling reagents, so a pre-incubation with NucBlue Live ReadyProbes Reagent is recomended.

    Brightest and sharpest images
    Studies show that the axial resolution of a microscopy system can be improved by matching the refractive index of the mounting medium, which maximizes light collection of the objective lens (1–3). Fouquet et. al. saw dramatic improvement in axial resolution while using a confocal microscope with high refractive index media (3). When Prolong Glass Antifade Mountant, which has a refractive index of 1.52, is compared with a mounting medium with a refractive index of 1.47, the axial resolution is improved by 32% at a focal depth of 40 µm and 75% at a focal depth of 100 µm (see figure below). The signal intensity and sensitivity of fluorophores is also improved as the focal depth increases within the sample. The same or greater improvement in resolution and sensitivity is seen in the lateral direction. This makes Prolong Glass a superior mountant for acquisition of Z-Stack, 3D, and 2D images of cells and tissue at depths from 0 to 100 µm (see figure below).

    Inhibit photobleaching across the visible and near-IR spectra
    No matter which fluorescent dyes or fluorescent proteins you are using, ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant helps provide superior protection against photobleaching. It has been shown to have best-in-class performance with a wide array of fluorescent dyes, including Alexa Fluor, FITC, TRTC, Texas Red, Cy3, and Cy5 dyes (see figure below). ProLong Glass mountant does not quench fluorophores, and its ability to provide brighter signal against no background helps ensure that you get the best-quality high-resolution images for publishing.

    Stable signals during imaging and for longer-term storage
    ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant is the ideal option for archiving samples with fluorescent dyes or fluorescent proteins and for preserving signal strength during prolonged imaging sessions, such as repeated scanning under confocal laser scanning illumination or with super-resolution microscopy. And it’s easy to use—simply remove excess water from the stained sample and mount. For immediate viewing of the sample, choose our non-curing mountant: SlowFade Diamond Antifade Mountant.

    Achieve excellent refractive index matching for crisp images
    For modern high-resolution imaging applications, refractive index matching is critical. ProLong Glass Antifade Mountant cures to a refractive index of 1.52. Additionally, this curing property eliminates the need to use messy acrylic resins (i.e., fingernail polish), which can damage or ruin modern microscope objectives.

    1: Cremer C, Masters BR. Resolution enhancement techniques in microscopy. Eur Phys J. 2013 38(3):281-344.
    2: Shimi T, Kittisopikul M, Tran J, Goldman AE, Adam SA, Zheng Y, Jaqaman K, Goldman RD. Structural organization of nuclear lamins A, C, B1, and B2 revealed by superresolution microscopy. Mol Biol Cell. 2015 26(22):4075-86.
    3: Fouquet C, Gilles JF, Heck N, Dos Santos M, Schwartzmann R, Cannaya V, Morel MP, Davidson RS, Trembleau A, Bolte S. Improving axial resolution in confocal microscopy with new high refractive index mounting media. PLoS One. 2015 10(3):e0121096.

    For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.




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